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Imported rice not harmful for human consumption – State Minister

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Highways State Minister Siripala Gamlath said yesterday the rice that is imported to the country is not harmful and suitable for consumption and if they are produced and consumed in other countries, it should be perfectly acceptable for our consumption.

He stated this while attending the press  conference held yesterday at the SLPP headquarters. He said the country is in the midst of a serious economic crisis at present. We are now resolving problems gradually at a time when political stability is emerging.

The economy of our country collapsed completely with the COVID pandemic. Also, we lost our sources of income, mainly generated through the tourism industry and migrant Sri Lankans.We hope this situation will be back to normal after a few months with the increase in our income.We hope that we will be able to reduce expenses gradually by looking into all the sectors that generate income.

“I believe that we will be able to be strong economically very soon.The government is currently in a financial crisis. But, I don’t think that farmers have a problem selling their paddy.They only urge for a price increase for their paddy. Although we cannot give a guaranteed price for non-standard paddy, I believe that the government provides the guaranteed price for the standard paddy,”he said.

SLPP MP Pradeep Undugoda said the people of the country are living in a very miserable period today. “We are now committed to the task of forming an All-Party Government which the people demanded for a long time.We hope to establish a National Assembly in the coming period and make an effort to solve the burning issues of the people of the country,”he said.


Thursday, September 22, 2022 – 01:20

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