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JDC conducts G7 Master Qualification for Printing Companies in SL

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JDC Printing Technologies announced the achievement of G7 Expert Certification (Print Quality Expert Certification). This is the highest qualification offered to an individual in the field of Colour Management.

Head of Sales Offset Print Solutions and Colour Management Expert Brimsar Buddhike Fernando at JDC is the first Sri Lankan to achieve the G7 Expert Certification with 97% score during a certification programme conducted by Idealliance South Asia/Pressman in India.

Major international brands like Google/Reebok abd Apple, work and follow G7 specifications. This is applicable to all Offset, Flexo, Gravure and Digital Printers. G7 helps printers to achieve shared neutral visual appearance in print. This is the only proven gray balance based print specifications (one image printed in any process or paper which appears similar to each other). Now all Sri Lankan printers can align their printing machines to G7 specifications with the local expertise of JDC.

JDC has aligned their technical co-operation with Idealliance South Asia/Pressman, India to do more G7 awareness programmes in Sri Lanka to guide and elevate Sri Lankan print quality to world standards.

JDC is the first Company authorized to conduct G7 Master Qualification for Printing Companies in Sri Lanka.


Thursday, June 16, 2022 – 01:00

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