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Kabul ISIS attack death toll rises to 92

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General Frank McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, told news agencies that military commanders were watching for more attacks by Islamic State, including possibly rockets or car bombs targeting the airport.

“We’re doing everything we can to be prepared,” McKenzie said, adding that some intelligence was being shared with the Taliban and he believed “some attacks have been thwarted by them”.

Thursday’s two blasts and gunfire took place near the airport gates where thousands of people have gathered to get into evacuation flights since the Taliban took control of the country on Aug 18.

US and allied forces are trying to complete evacuations of their citizens and vulnerable Afghans and to withdraw from Afghanistan by an Aug. 31 deadline set by President Joe Biden. He has declined to extend the deadline.

More than 20 countries involved in airlifting Afghans and their own citizens out of Kabul said they had completed all evacuations by Friday.

Britain said it was in the final stages of the evacuations while the United State said it would continue the airlift right up to next Tuesday although it would will prioritize the removal of U.S. troops and military equipment during the last couple of days.

Source DailyNews
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