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Kandy blessed with rain during Esala Festival

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Heavy rain fell in Kandy and its surrounding areas yesterday afternoon when the fourth Randoli Perahera of Kandy Esala Perahera was scheduled to parade the streets, ending the dry weather  that had been prevailing for many months in the area. There is a belief that rain will fall in Kandy with the commencement of the Kandy Esala Perahara, and the people who had come to watch the Perahara gave their blessings when the rainfall began.

After the British conquered the upcountry in 1815, the British rulers stopped making rituals for the relics of the Temple of Sacred Tooth. But, history says that at that time there was a period of severe drought without rain and the English had to hold an exhibition of Tooth Relics in anticipation of rain on the advice of the Nilames.

It was reported that after a great relic of the Sacred Tooth was brought to the Mahamaluwa, heavy rainfall started and Kandy was flooded.

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