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Kenya’s President William Ruto reshuffles Cabinet

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In a significant development, Kenya’s President William Ruto on Wednesday night reshuffled eight members of his Cabinet, folding the Foreign Affairs docket to the Prime Cabinet Secretary’s office which is headed by Musalia Mudavadi. He has announced a reshuffle of part his Cabinet, appointing a new Foreign Minister with an expanded role to serve concurrently with his duties as Prime Cabinet Secretary.

Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary is the most senior office in the executive arm of the government of Kenya after that of the President and Deputy President. Dr Alfred Mutua who was the Foreign Minister earlier was moved to Tourism and Wildlife. This decision reflects President Ruto’s commitment to bolstering Kenya’s diplomatic efforts on the global stage while ensuring seamless governance at home.

Mudavadi Musalia, a seasoned politician and diplomat, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He is known for his dedication to advancing Kenya’s interests abroad and maintaining strong international relations. As both Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Mudavadi Musalia will play a pivotal role in shaping Kenya’s foreign policy, representing the nation’s interests, and fostering cooperation with the international community. His appointment underscores the government’s commitment to diplomacy and global engagement.

Mudawadi, who is a senior politician in Kenya is an economist and in the past served as Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister, Transport and Communication Minister, Information Minister, and Finance Minister.

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