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Kotmale introduces paper spoons with yoghurt range

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These spoons are made of biodegradable material, significantly reducing the amount of plastic usage in the manufacturing process and taking Kotmale a step further in their endeavors to safeguard the environment.

Waste plastic has become one of the most pressing environmental issues in Sri Lanka as businesses and factories have increased the production and usage of plastic over the last few years.

Recognizing this situation and falling in line with the Cargills Group’s commitment in terms of sustainability, Kotmale took up a challenge to redirect their operations and value chain by integrating sustainability to their manufacturing process through the introduction of new plastic free initiatives. This initiative of replacing the plastic spoon with paper acts as a catalyst in reducing plastic pollution.

Kotmale has become one of Sri Lanka’s national dairy brands contributing to the nourishment of the country and strengthening the local dairy farming community. Today Kotmale has established itself as one of the largest private sector collector of fresh milk, collecting over 180,000 litres on a daily basis, working with over 17,000 small-scale dairy farmers’ islandwide and generating over Rs.5.2 billion of direct income annually for the Sri Lankan dairy farming community.

Kotmale is a fully owned subsidiary of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC and it saves foreign exchange by sourcing and locally manufacturing value added dairy products.

Kotmale products offer round the clock nutrition for the family with the largest portfolio of dairy products in Sri Lanka.

Kotmale fresh milk comes in different options packaged in environmentally friendly tetra packs which are recyclable, meeting the needs of a range of customers across different demographic profiles.

The processing facility in Banduragoda is an integrated dairy facility in Sri Lanka and has been approved for international-grade manufacturing. This manufacturing facility has also introduced key initiatives namely installation of solar panels to generate clean energy, rain water harvesting, reusing treated waste water for factory gardening and waste recycling,integrating sustainability initiatives within their business operations.

Kotmale is stepping up their actions towards introducing new, innovative and sustainable features to their product line. They have also embarked on the journey towards achieving net zero in the future, by obtaining the Carbon Foot Print assessment certification, making Cargills one of the first leading food manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka to obtain same.

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