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Lakshina Rodrigo – Peterite skipper and a prolific run-getter

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Sri Lanka national under 19 cricket team with distinction. As a steady run-getter with a sound technique he played in the Sri Lanka Cricket under 23 provincial tournament as well.

Lakshina also had fantastic academic qualifications where he had 9 ‘A’s at G.C.E O/L and 3 ‘A’s at the GCE A/L. He Graduated from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia as well as he is a fourth year marketing special undergraduate of University of Kelaniya. Incidentally Lakshina is the only child of former Sri Lanka all-rounder Priyalal Rodrigo.

Speaking to Daily News Lakshina said “My Father’s cricketing background and my willingness to be a sporty character made me motivated to hold the bat and ball at the beginning. That was the main reason why I entered the world of sports. My dad was a great all rounder back in his days”.

“Especially my parents supported me with everything. Mainly my mom helped me a lot to maintain my performance in studies while father was pushing me for cricket. Both of them wanted me to become an expert in both fields. Also my relations, coaches, teachers and all my friends supported me to achieve my goals. Hence I’m always grateful to all of them”.

“Mainly my father’s background. His performance made me motivated, which ultimately made me love the game of cricket”. “Balancing sports, studies and work while looking after my family is my main priority”.

“There are plenty of incidents. But I would like to mention the moment we won the Joe-Pete big match in 2016. Also I won’t forget the way I faced the Advanced Level examination under such circumstances. Hence all these memories will be in my memory throughout my life as one of the most unforgettable incidents to date”.

“Nuwara Eliya is my favourite holiday destination which gives a change for life. Beyond the shores of Sri Lanka I would like to visit Switzerland”.

“Being able to obtain 9-As and 3-As for GCE O/Ls and A/Ls while captaining the college cricket team. Also representing Sri Lanka national youth under 19 team after scoring over 1000 runs in two consecutive years at the inter-School tournaments. being selected for the University of Kelaniya and graduating from Edith Cowan University, Australia. are my biggest accomplishments so far. Honestly speaking to date, I really cherish those moments”.

“During my leisure time I do like to watch movies and also like to meet my friends. My favourite movie is ‘The pursuit of happiness’ and my favourite actor is – Will Smith”.

“Honestly speaking I always compare someone who is well ahead of me”. “As a young man, I’m so grateful and thankful for everything I’ve achieved so far”. “My favourite Cricketer is Kumar Sangakkara”.

“The best compliment I have received so far was achieving the Peterite Gold award in the year 2017 and Most Outstanding Sportsman of the year award in 2017.. “On a concluding note Lakshina said that he likes to describe himself as a Young All-rounder and like to do what he is capable of while achieving what he wants

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