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Lanka IOC launches high performance diesel engine oil

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As per the mandate of Sri Lanka Standards Institute to improve the lubricant grades to environmental friendly API CH level from the existing CF level, Lanka IOC has developed Servo Pride ALT 15W40, a multi-grade Diesel Engine Oil which meets API CH4 specification and is approved by American Petroleum Institute (API).

The new and improved formulation is set to take the market on a first mover advantage. Servo Pride ALT 15W40 is a high performance long drain environment friendly Diesel Engine Oil recommended for all Diesel Engine Vehicles.

It has got unique features such as excellent engine cleanliness, Maximum protection of engine from wear and deposits, outstanding control on oil thickening. Based on credentials, leading OEMs have approved this product both for initial fill as well as aftermarket. The high performance diesel engine oil shall be instrumental for enabling a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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