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Library receives book after 51 years with “Sorry it's a bit late” note

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US: Everybody who has issued a book from any library is quite familiar with the pressure of returning it with in the due date to avoid levy of extra charges. But there is someone who returned a book to the library after decades. Surprised? Something like this happened in Vancouver.

The public library there shared an image on its Instagram account, saying that a book was recently returned after 51 years in exact same condition with a heartwarming note inside.

“From your library, very sorry it’s a bit late. ’51 Years’ but in very nice condition. Thank you,” the note said.

The book titled ‘The Telescope’ has been written by Harry Edward Neil, according to the image shared by Vancouver Public Library of South Hill. The last due date stamped on a card inside the book is April 20, 1971. In the picture, the stamp above a receipt states that an overdue fine of 5 cent was applicable at the time.

The post has received 551 likes on Instagram. Users are surprised with the incident and has left amusing comments.

“South Hill has been there over 51 years?” a user asked. While another said, “Hope they had the time to read it.”

“Better late than never, indeed,” a third user commented.



Thursday, June 23, 2022 – 01:00

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