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Manojkumar Madushika, athletic star from Walapone

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Madushika who was born on August 7th, 2005 as the second child of estate medical officer Selvaraja Manojkumar and school teacher Periyampillai Manjuladevi at the Delmar tea estate, Ragala, Halgaranoya. has one and only elder brother Manojkumar Janarthan.

Madushika joined Ragala Tamil Higher National School on January 2011 and excelled in the academic activities from grade one to five. From an early age, (after grade five) she showed more interest in 80, 100, 200 and 400 metres running events and participated in school level, divisional, zonal, district, provincial level and National youth sports festival competitions and had many achievements and successes. Apart from this she has participated in team sports like netball, Elle and Badminton and has made the school famous at the provincial level for her talent and has been selected as the best school player of the year – 2019 and was honoured with the golden award.

She also had the opportunity to showcase her talents at the school, divisional, zonal, district provincial level and national youth sports festivals in 2017 to 2019 and finally she participated in the all Island Schools Central Province athletics 100 metres Competition – 2019 which was held at the Bogambara Stadium, Kandy.

Madushika said I like athletics so much. but the recent outbreak of the covid-19 in the country and lack of proper training and the limited sports resources found in our school were detrimental to the progress of my sports career but the encouragement and guidance of the school principal Mical Panneer Selvam, Vice Principal Anthonymuthu Anburose, teacher in charge sports and physical education Anbalagan Thilipan Raj and my parents was instrumental in my successful sports career.

She also said that if better training facilities and assistance are available her ambition is to showcase her talents and bring pride to the school and motherland at the national and International level.

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