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Minimum monthly, daily wages for private sector employees declared

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Commissioner General of Labour Prabath Chandrakeerthi said the new regulations come into effect from August 16.

The Government recently increased the minimum monthly salary of the private sector from Rs 10,000 to 12,500 and the minimum daily wage from Rs 400 to Rs 500 by amending the National Minimum Wage of Workers Act.

The Commissioner General pointed out that the Budget Allowance of 2005 and the Budget Relief Allowance of 2016 need to be added to this sum. The Budget Allowance provided in 2005 is Rs 1,000 per month or Rs 40 per day and the Budget Relief Allowance provided in 2016 is Rs 2,500 per month or Rs 100 per day. Accordingly, the total minimum salary of a private sector worker is Rs 16,000 per month or Rs 640 per day. The new regulations were gazetted on August 20.

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