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Nishon – an excellent ruggerite who came up with stunning displays

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He then went on to represent the Sri Lanka National Under 19 and 20 Sevens and Fifteen-a-side teams. At present, he plays for Navy Sports Club in the Inter Club Rugby tournaments..

Today’s Daily News will feature this young hard working and dedicated rugby prodigy Nishon, who is a brilliant player both in attack and defence. “Once I went to watch my brother playing rugby for my school Under 19 Team, the performances of both my brother and the school rugby team really impressed me. On that day, I decided rugby is the game for me and am going

to make my alma mater proud and it made me determined to get into the world of sport”.

“My parents who were always the pillars and the backbone in my life, my siblings, my coaches who guided and worked with me since the day I stepped into the rugby field and my friends. It is because of them that I am who I am today and have supported me right throughout, hence I’m always grateful to all of them”.

“My most unforgettable moment was when we, the Sri Lanka National Under – 20 team, became the Asian Under 20 Seven’s Series Champions and ranked Asia’s number one for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka rugby. Also my greatest accomplishment in life is vice captaining my college, St. Peter’s, and then being in the starting line up of Sri Lanka National Under 20 Team”.

“So far I am totally happy with all my achievements at such a young age, but I feel I have a lot more to offer for Sri Lanka Rugby. My favourite holiday destination thus far will undoubtedly be Australia, New Zealand and the USA for sure”.

“In life I compare myself to, I would say it’s my father, but in rugby, I will always look up to Sonny Bill Williams, because they are my role models in different aspects of my life”.

“In my leisure time I like to watch movies and my favourite movie is ‘Ghajini’ – a Hindi movie’”.

“My whole family is my main priority and also my friends and the best compliment I have received was, when a top person came up to me and said – Son, you played brilliantly today and one day you are going to be a great asset for Sri Lanka Rugby”.

On a concluding note Nishon said that he likes to describe himself as a Smart and a simple person in life.

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