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NPP wants GE, referendum and abolition of Executive Presidency

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A General Election and a Referendum on the abolishment of the Executive Presidency should be held at the same time within six months after setting up an Interim Government with immediate effect, the National People’s Power (NPP) said.

The NPP Leader, MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake stated this presenting a set of short-term proposals to address the present political crisis in the country in order to set up political stability yesterday.

He presented them addressing the media at the Party headquarters in Battaramulla yesterday.

The NPP proposes that the incumbent President should step down from his position with immediate effect and the Speaker be appointed the acting President at this moment when the Premiership has been vacated.

Dissanayake said then the NPP should be allowed to set up an Interim Government as it is prepared to take that responsibility or the NPP will assist such a government set up by another party while performing the duty of the Opposition.

The Interim Government coming to power through whichever the above method should present the 21st Amendment to the Constitution which proposes to curtail the powers of the Executive President and his term and get it passed in Parliament immediately, provide necessary relief to the public, present an amendment to the Constitution on the abolishment of the Executive Presidency, conducting the General election and the Referendum on the abolishment of the Executive Presidency together and also appoint a supervisory board to oversee if the Interim Government functions as agreed. Representatives of the trade unions, leaders of the present people’s struggle, religious representatives, professionals and also the civil activists should be appointed to this oversight committee, the NPP further proposes.

Dissanayake said the NPP had to present these set of proposals to the country with the intention of seeking instant solutions to the present political instability in the country as the public do not accept the President or his programme by now.

He said at present the country is not in a peaceful situation especially, due to Monday’s mob attack on the peaceful protestors in Colombo which was launched from the Temple Trees. In order to make the country peaceful, those who are responsible for this conspiracy should be produced before the law. Accordingly, the former Prime Minister, former ministers, chairmen of the Pradeshiya Sabhas and the members of the local government institutions who misused the state power should be arrested with immediate effect, he said.

The NPP leader also said the law enforcement authorities should act responsibly to prevent people from taking political vengeance and committing robberies amidst the struggle.

“We request all citizens to refuse the violence and not to encourage people for violence”, he further said.

Thursday, May 12, 2022 – 01:04

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