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Nurses’ union to refrain from protest till next hearing of case

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Law & Order

The Colombo District Court yesterday fixed for February 25 the next hearing of the case against the Government Nurses’ Association and its President Saman Ratnapriya.

On this date, Colombo District Court will consider whether to issue an interim injunction or to lift the censorship against the Government Nurses’ Association and its President Saman Ratnapriya, which had prevented them from engaging in unjust and illegal strikes, disrupting the health service and violating the Employees’ Ordinance, at a time when the Covid-19 epidemic is on the rise.

The case was taken up before Colombo Chief District Judge Aruna Aluthge yesterday.

Following a complaint filed by the Attorney General, the Colombo District Court on February 10 issued an enjoining order on the Government Nurses’ Association and its President Saman Ratnapriya.

Additional Solicitor General Vikum de Abrew appearing on behalf of the Attorney General said that Saman Ratnapriya, who went on strike disregarding the enjoining order issued by the court, and his union have acted in contempt of court.

He further told the court that Saman Ratnapriya had been informed of the censorship by telephone at 4.17 pm on the same day (10) and that the enjoining order had been handed over the next day.

However, Additional Solicitor General de Abrew said that Saman Ratnapriya’s signing of the trade union federation’s document on February 15 stating that the strike would be suspended for 14 days was a violation of court orders.

President’s Counsel Upul Jayasuriya appearing for the Nurses’ Association and Saman Ratnapriya sought from the Court to dissolve the enjoining order.

The President’s Counsel requested the court to dissolve the enjoining order as the Attorney General had concealed the facts while obtaining the enjoining order against his clients.

He said that not only his clients’ union but also 16 other unions were on strike and that it would be unfair to issue enjoining orders only to the nurses’ union.

After considering the facts presented by the both parties, the Judge directed the Attorney General and the union to submit their objections in writing to the court and with the agreement of both parties, the enjoining order which was issued before was to be extended till February 25.


Wednesday, February 23, 2022 – 01:00

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