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Only one year-end exam for all grades from 2024

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Marks of assessment tests to be added to year-end score

Relieves schoolchildren of exam stress

Only one workbook will be issued for one school term reducing weight of school bag

Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said that starting from 2024, the number of school term tests per year will be limited to one, for all grades.

However, at the end of each lesson or module, there will be an assessment test and the scores will be recorded in computers and this will be added to the exam at the end of the year.

The Minister further said that initially the marks of the year-end term test will be calculated as 70 percent from the exam and 30 percent from modules. But going forward it will be brought to the same range, that is, 50 percent each, he said.

The Minister made these remarks in his speech as the chief guest at the investiture of prefects at Hewagama Model Primary School recently.

Dr. Premajayantha went on to say that when this system is implemented, it will be mandatory for children to attend school, stay and work in the daily classes and there will be no space or need for the students to attend extra classes after school hours.

“Under such a system parents do not have to spend thousands of rupees on extra classes while getting caught in an unnecessary competition. They can spend that money on the nutritional needs of their loved ones. Only through such a system will the basic objectives of the free education system come to fruition,” he added. The Minister also said in the future, only one workbook will be issued for one school term and the school workbook for the three terms will be given to the students in three parts.

“This will reduce the heavy weight of the students’ schoolbags and it will be easy to carry. They will be able to walk with a straight back without the unnecessary weight and this will also improve their health. The main reason why parents are unable to spend more money on the nutritional needs of their children is that they allocate an unnecessary amount of money for extra classes. But the changes we are introducing will change that practice and parents attitudes,” he said.


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