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Opposition for united approach to face crisis – Sajith

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Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday (10) requested all those who are interested in rejuvenating the country’s economy to formulate a united approach to face up to the major challenges.

Premadasa also said the Opposition is in no way planning to make things harder for the public that is already suffering due to the economic crisis.

Premadasa also criticized the government for its inability to counter the youth-brain-drain that is taking place due to the prevailing economic crisis in the country.

Opening the second day of the adjournment debate on several amendments tabled by the Justice Ministry, the Opposition Leader Premadasa pointed out that, “It is extremely disheartening to note that the incompetent and inflexible  administration of the ruling party leaders has led the country towards misery. When we look at our people we see desperation and darkness.”

Premadasa pointed out, “There is deep rooted resentment towards the present system of government. The Opposition will in no way support any attempt or any step to bring hardship on the people of the country who are already in dire straits. An outflow of talent is taking place at an alarming rate.

This administration has no idea how to counter this situation.”

Premadasa also pointed out that discrimination and marginalization has become the basic norm when ruling. “There is a mass scale division existing in Sri Lanka in class, caste, ethnicity and religion. It disturbs the reconciliation and harmony. Democratic values are put under stress and government activities continue to aim at destroying these values,” he added.

Friday, February 11, 2022 – 01:06

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