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Opposition Leader criticises CBSL decision on remittances

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Sandasen Marasinghe and Amali Mallawaarachchi

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday (10) criticised the government for taking action to encourage migrant workers to remit funds using formal channels.

Premadasa requested the Prime Minister to reverse the said decision will only discourage migrant workers and those involved in export businesses.

Joining the last day of the Committee Stage debate on the Appropriation Bill 2022, Premadasa pointed out that such a decision is totally unfair by the migrant workers who played an important role in making the present government victorious in the last Presidential and general election.

Premadasa said the Opposition is ready to support the government to launch a viable plan to rescue the country from the present economic crisis it is going through. “None of us want the country to go down like this. We don’t need a destabilized country. This is our beloved country. If the government wants to discuss with the international financial organizations, the Opposition is also ready to support the government. When the country is faced by a serious foreign exchange issue, we are not so sick as to enjoy the situation.


Why Armed Forces for everything queries Sajith

The Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday (10) criticized the government in Parliament on handing over the management of government programmes to the Armed Forces. Joining the Committee Stage debate on the Appropriation Bill 2022, Premadasa questioned as to why the Army Commander was given the task of managing the fertilizer distribution programme by the government. “Is the government going to hand over the problem of solving the Forex issue also to the Defence Forces, the same way?”Premadasa questioned.

Saturday, December 11, 2021 – 01:03

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