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Organic a long – term process – SJB MP

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Samagi Jana Balawegaya Kurunegala District Parliamentarian J.C.Alawathuwala addressing a media briefing said that a famine is in the offing in the country.

“This is a very dangerous situation. This situation will be seen in the coming New Year. The Government is responsible for this situation,” he said

Speaking further he said that farmers are unable to farm without fertilizer.

A situation has arisen where the income of the crops cultivated last season has been brought to the roads and dumped on the ground.

The income of the farmer is wasted due to not preparing the background required for the systematic cultivation using organic matter.

“Due to this we lose the opportunity to do organic farming in our country. A protest against organic fertilizer has been created in the country due to the forcible imposition of organic fertilizer cultivation on the farmer. We ask the President and the government to reverse this decision. Put that arrogance aside and think about the people.” About 25 percent or about 500,000 lives of the farming community have been endangered due to the sudden introduction of organic farming. That is why the people come to the streets and curse this Government. Therefore, arrogance aside, if we want to save the country from this famine by thinking of the people and the farmers, we have to reverse this decision immediately. Otherwise, if we think like “I am doing the right thing” we will have to experience very dangerous consequences.

At present, the farming community has moved away from paddy cultivation, vegetable farming and tea cultivation. Therefore, we clearly tell the government that the Minister of Agriculture should resign from his post by now.

The Agriculture Minister is deceiving the farmers of the country. He says that Potassium Chloride organic fertilizer is being imported to this country. Just saying it was brought today, it was brought tomorrow. Potassium Chloride is a chemical fertilizer. This is deceiving around 5 million farmers.

If the Government is so arrogant that it cannot reverse its sudden decision, it can understand the capabilities of these leaders and the way they think.”

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