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People’s Bank funds Castle Street Hospital renovations through ‘Mahajana Mehevara’

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People’s Bank has once again stepped up to make a significant difference in the community healthcare sector. Through its ‘Mahajana Mehevara’ program, the bank has facilitated essential renovations at Castle Street Hospital for Women in Borella, focusing on improving the sanitary facilities that are crucial for patient care and comfort.

The project underlines People’s Bank’s commitment to supporting healthcare institutions, ensuring they can provide the best services to the community. Castle Street Hospital for Women, known for its comprehensive care for women across Sri Lanka, has been the beneficiary of this noble initiative, receiving much-needed upgrades to its facilities.

The momentous occasion was marked by People’s Bank Chairman, Sujeewa Rajapakse, presenting a cheque to Dr. Ajith Danthanarayana, the Director of Castle Street Hospital for Women. This gesture not only symbolizes the bank’s dedication to social welfare but also its role in leading by example in the corporate world.

This initiative is part of a series of actions by People’s Bank under the ‘Mahajana Mehevara’ program, which aims to address various social issues by leveraging the bank’s resources and network. By focusing on healthcare this time, the bank has touched on an area that impacts every segment of society, especially during times when the health sector is under tremendous pressure.

Renovating the sanitary facilities at Castle Street Hospital not only improves the hospital’s infrastructure but also enhances the overall patient experience, ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable environment for women receiving care. It’s a testament to how corporate entities like People’s Bank can significantly contribute to societal well-being beyond their business operations.

People’s Bank’s initiative serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for other corporations to support community projects. By working together, businesses can make a profound impact on public health and welfare, exemplifying the power of corporate social responsibility in building a better society for all.

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