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PIM’s MPA in Education Management Programme to be followed by further batch of educationists

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The inauguration of the Master of Public Administration Degree Programme in Education Management (MPA-EM) for a further batch of 85 educationists was held at the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) on November 4, 2022, on a virtual platform.

This programme, in fact, heralded a new chapter in the country’s overall education system. The initiation of the programme was the outcome of an MoU entered into between the PIM and the Ministry of Education in December, 2021.

Dr. Senaka Kelum Gamage, Director, PIM, welcoming those present at the inauguration emphasised that the programme has been structured aimed at enhancing the managerial and educational competencies of the relevant officials as this move is targeted to uplift the overall education, through an impetus given to the country’s educational management. An indirect benefit would be that the qualification will serve as a means towards the career development of the targeted officers.

Nihal Ranasinghe, Secretary, Ministry of Education, thanked the PIM for initiating and taking the lead-role in this specialized programme, which will help broaden the country’s educationists the much needed conceptual and practical inputs. It will also serve as an entry-level qualification to further their career pursuits. It is, thus, a shot-in-the-arm towards their much-desired career development.

Lalith Weeratunge, visiting Faculty, pointed out that educational administration is a complex sphere of activity with a highly specialised body of knowledge. According to him, this programme of study will, for certain, enable the participants to demonstrate critical awareness of fundamental and advanced aspects of educational administration, while adhering to the desired functional disciplines.

Jayantha Newunhella, Coordinator, Specialised Programmes, PIM, in his final wrap up extended a warm round of thanks to all those who directly and indirectly helped making this impactful venture the success that it deserved. He stressed that the culminating event of the programme is the need to complete a guided independent study by each participant. It, involves identifying and analysing a job-related problem in education.

This, in fact, is the terminal benefit of the entire programme, which rests on the theoretical, conceptual and pragmatic components of the course. Tharindu Ameresekere, Senior Lecturer, PIM, conducted this virtual inauguration programme.

The first interactive session of this programme was conducted at the PIM on November 18, 2022, at which all 85 participants were present.

As the participants were holding different positions in the ministerial hierarchy, Nihal Ranasinghe, Secretary to the Ministry of Education, lucidly spelt out the broad objectives of the Ministry they represented and the short and long term impact of their services on the country’s future. The particular postgraduate programme, he said, would immensely help strengthen this noble – national endeavour.

Dr. Senaka Kelum Gamage, Director, PIM, Lalith Weeratunge, resource person of the first interactive session, and Jayantha Newunhella, Coordinator, Specialised Programme were also present at this occasion.


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