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Plan mooted to bar private TV station, alleges Sajith

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“There is a major conspiracy by the Government to silence this private media channel and close it down.

The people in this country should know this and so should the rest of the world. A few years back this same media channel was targeted in a claymore attack and it was completely destroyed.

This private Media Channel is engaged in fair and unbiased news reporting and why is the Government trying to control them? Why are they so scared of this channel? This media channel is doing a great service to the nation while reporting the truth about the Government, the Opposition, the environment, and farmers’ issues and even highlighting the inability of the government to effectively control the spread of the COVID-19.”

He said that the Government hierarchy had hired senior lawyers and is making plans to somehow silence this channel.

While appealing to the Government to stop interfering with the freedom of the media, he warned that in the event an attack on this private media channel is initiated, the people will not remain silent anymore. Premadasa demanded from the Government to make a statement in response to his allegations and express its stance.

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