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Plenty of cameos in new Fate/Grand Order Solomon Movie

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Though only the Babylonia and Camelot chapters of Fate/Grand Order have animated adaptations, the Solomon movie will show off scenes from earlier parts, such as Orleans and Okeanos.

Servants from previous Singularities will show up to fight on Chaldea’s side once more. Hector, Alexander, and Caligula have brief cameos so fans of more minor characters can look forward to a brief shot of their favorite. The video also shows quite a few shots of Romani, signalling his importance in the final chapter.

Currently, the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order has launched Lostbelt 6 Part 2, which will give players the chance to obtain Fairy Knight Lancelot and Percival from the gacha. The global version of Fate/Grand Order places the player in the middle of Hawaii during a comic convention. The Servant Summer Festival re-run event will give Masters yet another chance to obtain a free Berserker version of Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

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‘Fate Grand Order Final Singularity Grand Temple of Time Solomon’, one of the first Japanese animated (English sub titled) films to be released, is screening at Liberty by Scope Cinemas, Scope Cinemas – Colombo 2 and PVR – Colombo 2

Monday, November 29, 2021 – 01:00

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