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Politicizing origin-tracing undermines global solidarity against COVID-19 – China

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It is reported that some “international scientists” co-signed an open letter, clamouring for a comprehensive inquiry into the origin of the novel coronavirus.

In response, spokesperson Wang Wenbin said it was not the first time for the so-called “international scientists” to resort to grandstanding. He said one of the so-called scientists who co-initiated the open letter is a senior researcher at the Atlantic Council, a U.S. think tank. He is also a former member of the White House National Security Council.

Another scientist is a bank data engineer, an imposter in the field of origin studies, who, emboldened by ignorance, makes unverified and irresponsible remarks, Wang added.

He said the open letter also proposed an “alternative investigation” carried out by Western countries with G7 and the Quad that groups the United States, Japan, India and Australia.

It reveals the true intention of certain countries to blatantly seek presumption of guilt and political manipulation in the name of “international scientists,” Wang said.

He stressed the origin tracing of the virus is a scientific issue, and any attempt to politicize it is to poison the scientific research atmosphere, hamper global cooperation, and undermine the global anti-epidemic efforts.

“We advise certain countries and relevant forces to stop the clumsy performance, and truly contribute to human life and health,” Wang said. – XINHUA

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