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President engages with Students and Teachers at Pallegama Madhya Maha Vidyalaya

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President Ranil Wickremesinghe made a visit to Wilgamuwa Pallegama Madhya Maha Vidyalaya today, February 29th, to assess the educational activities of the students.

The President’s visit coincided with his attendance at a discussion held at the Wilgamuwa Divisional Secretariat auditorium regarding the “Aswasuma” program. However, on his way to the auditorium, President Wickremesinghe spotted students at the Pallegama Madhya Maha Vidyalaya stadium and took the opportunity to engage with them in a friendly conversation, inquiring about their educational pursuits.

During his visit, President Wickremesinghe also conversed with the teachers at the school, discussing both the students’ academic endeavours and any identified shortcomings within the educational system. Drawing attention to some of the issues raised during his interaction, the President assured the students of his commitment to addressing them promptly.

Additionally, he offered his blessings for their future educational activities, encouraging them to strive for excellence.

Amidst his engagement with the students and school, President Wickremesinghe did not overlook the importance of involving parents and residents in discussions about the school’s welfare. He took the time to inquire about their perspectives and concerns, receiving their appreciation for his proactive approach in seeking information about the children’s well-being despite his busy schedule.

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