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Ravi calls all who left to rejoin UNP for country’s sake

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UNP Colombo district leader Ravi Karunanayake yesterday requested everyone including the leaders who left the UNP to forget their old conflicts and come to the UNP Headquarters to support the new journey of building a new country.

He mentioned this while speaking to the media yesterday (24). Karunanayake also said that the country is facing a very severe national level crisis. “It has economic political and social problems. To get out of this national crisis, everyone should come together and go for a new programme with a common national policy. In comparison to the past few years, President Ranil Wickremesinghe has changed the economy and political environment which had deteriorated very severely.

He is creating an environment where people can breathe and live comfortably. Even though the country has reached a better level than it was, the people are still living very difficulty. In the programme to create a new developed country by 2048, new measures should be introduced to build the economy of the people in the next few years.

In order to build a new, developed country, Parties should unite regardless of political differences. I invite everyone to follow the path taken by Harin, Manusha and Harrison. There was a false opinion that Ranil could not become the President. But today he is the President. The United National Party was split by a conspirator by a former President. Today everyone has understood what happened. Therefore, we should forget the old conflicts and work for the country.

The United National Party has always saved the country’s economy from crises and built the country. UNP is a party that treats all religions and ethnic groups equally. Only the UNP can unite the urban as well as the rural communities regardless of race, religion and caste in this country.

eace and reconciliation are essential factors for the development of this country today. It is necessary to build a new force to bring everyone together to build this country. The current president is the most suitable leader to create that new force and give a novel leadership. Restructuring is essential for the development of a country.That is the best solution to be given to loss-making government institutions that have burdened the public. Otherwise, the innocent people will have to pay taxes to maintain them every day.

“We do not need to restructure in the same way the IMF says. Our economic plans should be implemented in a way that suits Sri Lanka. Therefore, we should go for more formal plans. As the Finance Minister in 2016, I implemented a programme to strengthen the country’s economy through the 100-day programme, so I know how to do it practically. We increased the salaries of government employees by ten thousand rupees by earning the revenue. Other concessions were given in the same way. We should go for such a programme in the coming year.The current President has the power to do that. So we all should support him.

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