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Rewarded for your commitment to public service when the chips were down – PM

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  • Many teachers were given appointments last week even when some said not to give them…
  • Your appointment confirmed amid challenges…

The Prime Minister (PM) stated this yesterday (8) at the appointment of 800 Local Government (LG) employees in the North-Western Province (NWP), held at the Naththandiya City Hall.

The PM said: The living conditions of the working people are different. You have constantly requested us to resolve the issues with the efforts of the working people to improve their Rights. You have worked on a contract basis for a while and extended it continuously, to give you this proud day.

“This problem came up during our discussion before the President’s first Budget. We have worked to extend the contract period through the Governors. A few Cabinet papers were presented. Various debates and arguments arose. The Treasury was in a difficult situation in the past. In the last two years, I was able to raise my head. We respect the people for that. To have that trust in us during this difficult period. The President has also placed that trust in you. We did not leave any room for the country to collapse. Thousands were not fired from their jobs. The development of the country did not stop. Continued continuity of service in every way we could.”

“You are now permanent employees. LG is the lowest level of democratic public representatives in public service. You decide how to improve the lives of the people by running the services. The President has decided to give technological knowledge to every institution engaged in modernisation. It will be a strength for you. If it costs more than that, in such places, technology can be found in one office and find out whether this has happened or not. As a country in Asia, this journey should be accelerated and strengthened. We must move forward in the race for development.”

“Thousands of appointments of teachers were given in the last one month. Some people criticise and urged us not to give appointments. Your appointment was confirmed amid challenges. It became a strong government that was able to provide these. Are you asking where the money is coming from? No. Appointments have been given twice this year. The existence of free Healthcare and free Education is for the future of our children. Children are the future of the country. The LG has the right by the Constitution to focus on the services that can give strength to the children.

“This life is not only more confident, but the organisations that serve to transform it into a more productive State. We will be able to take another leap in Economic development based on the results. All countries go through difficulties. Which country is easy to travel? Which country has not recovered from such problems? Every country has overcome its challenges. We have established a stable regime. No matter who makes any calculations, we are steadily moving forward with our programme in Parliament. Internationally, every country has brought us to the position of trusting us. We continue to receive financial support from various organisations internationally.”

“Not only the public sector but also the private sector needs to increase the space further. We are opening an Economic door for everyone with the knowledge and creativity that our own children have learned.”

State Minister Ashoka Priyantha said, “When Dinesh Gunawardena was appointed PM, the first challenge when he was appointed Minister of Public Administration, was how to pay the salaries of the public servants. One thing you should think about when you are appointed as a public official today is that you will be permanently appointed as a public official, when the country is in a huge crisis and inconvenience. Taking advantage of his political consciousness, he patiently gave enormous strength to the President in building this country. The Cabinet paper was presented to the Cabinet nine times, to give you this appointment.”

“I request you to take sick leave in accordance with the Constitution or enjoy the fundamental rights or, in the service constitution or in any other Rights you have. Don’t get sick, the country is in critical condition. At this time, you are given the appointment as a public official because the country needs your responsibility and role.”

NWP Governor Naseer Ahmed, State Minister Ashoka Priyantha, Arundika Fernando, MPs Chinthaka Mayadunne, Ali Shabri Rahim, Jagath Priyankara, Saman Priya Herath, Yadamini Gunawardena, Public Administration Ministry Secretary Pradeep Yasaratne, Puttalam District Governor H. M. S. P. Herath were among those who participated in this event.

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