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Ruwan laments the ‘culture of queues’

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Deputy Leader of the United National Party (UNP) Ruwan Wijewardene said that the fuel queue has now been added to the culture of queues which was created under the ‘Saubaghyaye Dekma’ policy framework.

Wijewardene said that the Government which created the milk powder and gas queues has now added the fuel queue as well.

He was speaking during a meeting with the business community held yesterday in Colombo.

Speaking further the Deputy Leader had the following to say: “The Government is saying that power cuts have to be imposed since there is no rain. On the other hand, power plants have become non-operational due to the lack of fuel. There is no way of purchasing fuel either due to the shortage of dollars. There are queues in front of filling stations due to there being no fuel available.”

“This Government first created the milk powder queue. At that time they said milk powder was not good for health. Then the gas queue came into being. Even now, there is no proper supply of gas or milk powder in the market. On the other hand, they created the fertilizer problem and as a result rice queues and vegetable queues could start forming in the near future. People are in a terrible state.”

“Now there is a two-hour power cut daily. On one hand there is no fuel and on the other hand there is no power. There is no such ‘aanduwa’ even in Siyambalaanduwa! The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) is ordering the fuel required for the country but when the fuel ship arrives there is no money to pay for the fuel. The Central Bank is informing other banks in the country not to give money on loan to the CPC and to protect the banks. Even though they have said that the Central Bank has failed to give a solution for the fuel problem.” “The CPC is requesting to increase fuel prices. Increasing the price of fuel means that the price of every commodity and service, from bread, will rise. However, the income of the people has not increased. Rising commodity prices without increasing incomes will lead to inflation and famine.” Wijewardene said.


Wednesday, February 23, 2022 – 01:00

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