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Sathkara – A Haven For Those In Need

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Some Donations Made

Sathkara, a sinhala word which translates to “Kind Treatment” is what the platform run by mymed known as “MyMed Sathkara” was built upon. The platform was created to provide treatment, funded by donations for people who are unable to afford life-saving medication due to various financial circumstances. Hence Sathkara is renowned as a messenger of hope for a better tomorrow to those in need.

With COVID-19 came a heightened need for higher donations as more financially handicapped people were left to fend for themselves. This increase had been due to the country’s economic situation shutting out these people’s main source of income resulting in their inability to fill in their regular prescription medication.

To fulfill its mission of saving lives, MyMed Sathkara has partnerships with multiple associations to help identify financially challenged individuals. Some being the cancer Care Association SL, Samasthalanka Kidney Patients Association, National Council for Mental Health and other related bodies. These organizations will provide verified and vetted prescriptions to ensure that all medication is received by those who truly deserve it.

Apart from individuals, hospitals in particular have also faced a massive challenge in functionality and limitations in resources Due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, MyMed Sathkara has volunteered to help hospitals by offering donations, medical equipment and the needful to combat the crisis. The donations by MyMed Sathkara were offered to Negombo District General Hospital, Homagama Base hospital and Horana Base hospital where the needs were critical. The reliability , trust and transparency that the platform “MyMed Sathkara” provides has resulted in many individuals and entities donating to these hospitals multiple times.

How it works:

1. Registration: By registering you can get regular updates on Mymed Sathkara. These updates will include updates of donations, New required donations and general newsworthy information about Mymed Sathkara.

2. Find : Find the right sponsor based on age, gender, ailment or simply on how much you are willing to donate.

3. Decide :Based on your generosity, select how long you would like to sponsor the medication.

4: Delivery: According to your donation, Mymed will send the prescription right to the doorstep or hospital of the patient.

For more information, or to make a donation – or call/WhatsApp to 0719 774 774 to sponsor a prescription and give hope to live.

Thursday, December 16, 2021 – 14:36

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