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Self-discipline and dedication paved the way to success in Tokyo – Namal

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The Minister made these observations during a felicitation ceremony held for the two medal winners at the Sports Ministry in Colombo yesterday.

“I congratulate both medal winners and the team for your great achievement, which paved the way for Sri Lanka to gain top honours at this event.”

Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa (left) take a close look of Dinesh Herath’s Gold Medal

“Self-discipline and dedication have paved the way to your success and even during the COVID-19 pandemic you never gave up your hard training with the coaches,” the Minister stressed.

“We really appreciate your performance as well as the great job done by all coaches and the National Paralympic Committee members,” he commented.

“It was a defining moment for our nation when the National Anthem echoed across the Tokyo National Stadium,” the Minister revealed.

“Most of the athletes were able to reach their best performance at this event and now you have to get ready for the future events with more confidence.”

“You have set a good example for the other athletes and they should learn more lessons from you,” the Minister emphasised.

“Your story has got the much needed exposure for all of us and it’s easy to encourage all parents to encourage their children to take up sports,” he added.

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