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Shaktiman hosts ‘Raising Shakti 2023 Dealer Conference’

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In a resounding testament to agricultural innovation and cross-border collaboration, Shaktiman, the Indian agricultural machinery manufacturer, hosted the ‘Raising Shakti 2023 Dealer Conference’ at the Waters’ Edge in Battaramulla recently.

This event promised to redefine the agricultural landscape and propel Sri Lanka toward a future brimming with prosperity and technological advancement.

Tirth Agro Technology Private Limited, the visionary force behind Shaktiman, has been at the forefront of mechanizing Indian agriculture for over two decades. With an extensive network comprising 850 dealers, 64 distributors and 105 spare parts distributors across India, Shaktiman has earned its reputation as an agricultural powerhouse. Over the past decade, Shaktiman has also made significant contributions to the mechanization of Sri Lanka’s agriculture, maintaining a steadfast position of leadership for over five years.

Shaktiman’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by its groundbreaking products, including the game-changing Sugar Cane Harvester 3737-Tejas and the ingenious Paddy Transplanter. These innovations have alleviated the burdens of labor-intensive farming, aligning perfectly with Shaktiman’s vision of optimizing agriculture’s economic impact.

The ‘Raising Shakti 2023 Dealer Conference’ has gathered esteemed partners such as Hayleys Agriculture, Overseas Automotive Private Limited, DSL Holdings and AMW. The event features a comprehensive agenda, including presentations by Shaktiman’s management team, showcasing innovative products and event highlights. However, the cornerstone of the conference is the dealer meet, fostering networking, knowledge exchange and productive discussions.

Shaktiman’s influence transcends borders, with a significant presence in over 90 countries, capturing more than 50% of the Indian market.

Their human-centric approach, combined with relentless product advancement, has charted the course of agricultural mechanization, transforming the market with every stride.

The ‘Raising Shakti 2023 Dealer Conference’ is more than an event; it’s a celebration of progress, innovation and partnership. Together, Shaktiman and its partners are set to raise ‘Shakti’ – the force of prosperity – and pave the way for a bountiful tomorrow in the world of agriculture.

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