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Shehan Jayasuriya – a naturally gifted all rounder

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He then retired from representing Sri Lanka national cricket team and presently is domiciled with his family in USA and awaiting to represent the USA national cricket team.

Speaking to Daily News Shehan Jayasuriya said “Ever since I was little, I always held a cricket ball in my hand wherever I went or whatever I was doing. I used to watch cricket matches with my dad. He noticed that I had an interest in cricket. He is the one who helped me to get started. After that, my love for cricket grew day by day, so that’s how I got in to the game of cricket.

“After I started playing cricket my parents, closest friends and coaches supported me the most, but after I got married, obviously it is my beloved wife who is my biggest strength and these are all my near and dear ones who have always supported me the most.”

“Throughout my entire life my immediate family, wife and friends have been everything to me and in return my first priority will always be them. While playing cricket is my most passionate thing in life”.

“The first match I played for the national team, it was a T20 international match against Pakistan on August 1, 2015. I scored 40 plus runs and got the wicket of Shahid Afridi, hence it will always be in my memory right throughout my life as one of the most unforgettable incidents to date”.

My favourite holiday destination will surely be New York, USA and I like that place very much. My greatest accomplishment in life was being selected into the Sri Lankan national team. It was a great honour. Frankly speaking to date, I really cherish that moment”.

“During my free time what I enjoy most is relaxing at home. But I also like enjoying the outdoors and being adventurous for example hiking, swimming, water sports, and bike riding to name a few”.

“Honestly I don’t compare myself to anyone. Because I feel everyone is unique and has different ways and beliefs in life. If I were to compare myself to others then I wouldn’t be able to make a name for myself “I must say that people in Sri Lanka are very kind and they always compliment me very often and I am eternally grateful to them and the best compliment I received was, public opinion that – I have a good future and I can be a great asset to the national side. It means a lot when cricket loving people have faith in me. I can’t go on this journey alone. I need as much support as I can get from my fans”.

“On a concluding note Jayasuriya said that so far in his cricketing career he feel that he haven’t been able to achieve the best of his capabilities because the chances he got to represent Sri Lanka to show his abilities were very little.

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