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SJB in slandering campaign against UNP – Range Bandara

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He was addressing the media opposite the Criminal Investigation Department after lodging a complaint to the Department regarding a campaign against the him and the UNP.

Range Bandara said the SJB group is not attacking the government but targeting the UNP and its leaders with mudslinging. “We have been instructed by our leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, not to insult or be rude to members of the SJB,”he said.

“But they have no discipline at all. Once the CID finds out who is engaged in insulting us, I will take legal action against them”, he said. He said the SJB is in fear of the UNP. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa contesting the next Presidential Election is not a challenge for us.Today, living has become a challenge to the people.The entire government is unsuccessful. It is necessary to ask why those who took Rs. 20 million in forged five thousand rupee notes to the Seylan Bank are free without any investigation being done and on whose deal it was done.

Source DailyNews
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