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SJB will stand with Govt to overcome crisis – Sajith

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The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) will stand with the government provided it takes precise decisions to get the country rid of the current chaotic financial situation, SJB Leader Sajith Premadasa told Parliament yesterday.

He made this observation in response to the ministerial statement made by Finance Minister Ali Sabry.

He said further that the government has busted the economy of the country and they have already converted the country to another Lebanon or Venezuela. He said incorrect fiscal decisions by the government during the last 30 months led the economy to its bankruptcy. He also added that this government also took measures to grant Rs. 600 billion tax relief to the rich.

“The government’s stupid decisions brought the country’s economy to this level.Had this government restructured the debts of the country and refrained from investing on white elephant projects, the country would not have fallen to this economic labyrinth of chaos,” he asked. He queried if the money revealed by the Pandora Papers were brought back to the country, the issues could be solved by now,” MP Premadasa said. “The Finance Minister has admitted that the government has made a historic mistake. If the government formulated a mechanism that ensures the money received by the government would trickle down directly to the people, then the SJB is ready to assist the government.”

He said that the SJB has brought two No Confidence Motions. He said that it would test if the 225 are on the side of the people or not. He demanded those two to be taken up in the House without delay.

Thursday, May 5, 2022 – 01:04

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