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SL seeks Carbon Neutrality by 2050

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He said further that the GOSL has pledged its carbon neutrality by 2050 since international Co-operation is of utmost importance for Carbon Neutrality and Green Recovery.

Minister Amaraweera made these observations on Wednesday delivering the keynote address at the Korea-Asia Pacific Green New Deal Cooperation Forum at the Suwon City of Republic of Korea hosted by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea.

The Minister stated being a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a highly vulnerable country to the adverse impacts of climate change though, its global GHG emission contribution is negligible. In this respect, Sri Lanka has assessed the vulnerability and prepared adaptation plans to build resilience of vulnerable sectors, communities and areas.

He said that Sri Lanka’s updated Nationally Determined Contributions reflect the ambition of the country to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions in potential sectors in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement that the global community adopted and committed to save Mother Earth. In this trajectory, we believe that we have a responsibility to save the planet for our future generations. Therefore, Sri Lanka has submitted more ambitious mitigation targets in updated NDCs to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in July this year.

“Further, updated NDCs of Sri Lanka represent quantified and robust greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and resilient building needs for this decade,” the Minister said. “Sri Lanka’s NDCs are expected to be implemented with the support of public funds, private sector investments and external assistance.”

Minister Amaraweera further said that in this respect, international cooperation for addressing climate change is vital as it is a global issue. Further, Sri Lanka has pledged its carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve the global target of Carbon neutrality by 2050, International Co-operation for Carbon Neutrality and Green Recovery is of utmost importance. Therefore, Sri Lanka recognizes the importance of conducting this forum hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea.

“On this occasion, I recall all of you that the Birth, Enlightenment and Maha Parinirvana of The Buddha occurred in a beautiful natural environment, under the trees,” Minister Amaraweera said. “As a Buddhist, I follow environmental ethics for life, as preached by The Buddha. I therefore value human relationship toward the rest of the natural world and sustainability above all.”

He said further Carbon Neutrality and Green Recovery requires the highest political commitment, fiscal space and

resources, including external support from pioneers in green finance and technologies. Hence, the developing countries need international cooperation for mobilizing financial, technical as well as capacity building support to reach this target.

The Minister also said despite the economic downturn due to Covid 19 pandemic, Sri Lanka has embraced a green development pathway. “In this regard, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has established the Presidential Task Force for the creation of a Green Sri Lanka with sustainable solutions for Climate Change where I have been entrusted with the Chairmanship of the Task Force,” Minister Amaraweera said. “I hope this task force will transform Sri Lanka towards a greener economy.”

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