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Slash benefits of MPs, Ministers as austerity measure – JVP

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The government is not seeking International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans not because it fears measures unpopular with the people but because it fears the IMF will propose cutting down benefits given to politicians, JVP member Sunil Handunnetti said.

He said he was personally pleased that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was needed to overcome the current crisis and stressed that politicians should cut back on unlimited benefits.

He said that the relief given to the people has been cut and if the government pays an allowance of Rs. 5,000 and when a person goes to the shops to buy goods with it they will come to know it is hardly inadequate due to rising inflation.

Handunetti said that pensions paid to MPs should be slashed and official benefits such as free accomodation, the number of vehicles, security should be reduced. He said this should apply to Ministers and former Presidents as well.

“In addition to receiving an allowance from Parliament, MP’s receive a sitting allowance for each passing day. The Parliament canteen should also be closed. MP’s should be encouraged to bring food from home”.

He said funds should be given for tourism development from the President’s Fund. He said if the government is willing to reduce benefits of politicians then the people too would be ready for any sacrifice to uplift the country from the current economic situation.

Monday, December 13, 2021 – 01:04

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