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SLIM DIALOG Brand Week 2024 Set to Explore Innovative Brand Marketing Solutions to Drive Economic Resurgence in Sri Lanka

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SLIM Dialog Brand Week 2024 is set to be a transformative 3-day symposiumexploring the future of “What is Yet to Come” in terms of brands, commerce, and emerging technologies in Sri Lanka and around the world. This flagship event, which will be held at Waters Edge – Main Hall from the 13th to the 15th of March 2024, is organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), and promises to challenge brands to innovate and apply forward-thinking solutions in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. As Sri Lanka faces economic challenges, Brand Week 2024 aims to be a catalyst for change, showcasing how brands can contribute to economic resilience and growth.

With over 30 speakers and 15+ sessions scheduled,emerging as the premier conference on marketing in Sri Lanka, designed to inspire, educate, and empower professionals across industries. From thought-provoking discussions on effective storytelling and digital brand building, to insightful panels on brand entrepreneurship and leveraging technology for personalized insights, the event strives to offer a rich and diverse learning experience that will be beneficial for all who attend, regardless of background or experience.

One of the key highlights of this year’s event is the emphasis on inclusivity, as SLIM recognizes that branding is not limited

Gayan Perera Vice President Events - SLIM

Gayan Perera
Vice President Events – SLIM

to marketers and sales professionals alone. Accordingly, the symposium aims to showcase how branding permeates across different functions, from HR to IT, and even entrepreneurship, highlighting its relevance and impact across diverse sectors and disciplines.Brand Week 2024 also aims to transcend the bounds of theoretical concepts and help participants achieve tangible results through actionable insights. Attendees can expect practical sessions focused on driving real outcomes, whether it is enhancing brand visibility, maximizing marketing ROI, or bridging the gap between local brands and the global market.

Kevin Almeida, Project Chair of SLIM Dialog Brand Week 2024, commented saying, “This is Sri Lanka’s richest and most impactful brand marketing event, and is very timely as we all strive to find innovative solutions for our country through inspiring branding and marketing. The best in the business will share their experiences with solution-driven views in addition to having enhanced engagement activities for audience interaction. The evening event will be across 3 days, which will have curated sessions that touch on critical ‘need-of-the-hour” topics to find the brand marketing solutions necessary to drive a true resurgence in Sri Lanka’s economy. This year too, day 3 morning sessions will be special as we are dedicating the morning session for school children (Age 15 and above), to inspire in them a passion for and awareness of practical marketing & branding, which we believe will be valuable knowledge for our future leaders.”

CEO at SLIM, Sanath Senanayake added, “Brand Week 2024, hosted by SLIM, promises an immersive exploration into the evolving landscape of branding. From insightful panel discussions to hands-on workshops, participants will delve into cutting-edge strategies, trends, and innovations shaping the future of branding. Join us for a dynamic and enriching experience!”

President of SLIM 2023/2024, Mr. ChinthakaPereraalso commented saying, “Unleash your brand’s potential at Brand Week 2024 by SLIM! Join industry leaders for insightful panel discussions, explore emerging trends in interactive workshops, and discover innovative strategies shaping the future of branding. This immersive experience will equip you with the knowledge and tools to elevate your brand.”

Vice President – SLIM Events 2023/2024, Mr. GayanPerera commented “”Branding isn’t just about making a name for yourself; It’s about forging an emotional connection that transcends transactions, transforming mere buyers into loyal advocates. Brand Week has already been able to win the hearts of budding Sri Lankan marketers as a platform to nurture their knowledge and skills in branding by listening and interacting with veterans from both Sri Lanka and abroad. This year too, the organizing committee is geared to bring you three days of power pack doze in successful branding with full of excitement and interaction. My sincere appreciation to all sponsors and event partners who have extended their hand to make it one of the best marketing events in the country.”

Throughout SLIM Dialog Brand Week 2024, participants can expect a dynamic lineup. Day 1 will focus on Effective Storytelling for both corporate and personal brands, emphasizing the importance of building a digital footprint to enhance audience engagement. Day 2 will delve into Brand Marketing Management in a Digital World, exploring strategies such as persona development, agile marketing methodologies, and leveraging data and technology, like AI, for personalized insights. Additionally, discussions will centre around brand entrepreneurship, highlighting entrepreneurial journeys and the innovation of brands. Day 3 will examine how brands can serve as solutions for economic challenges, with panels on branding Sri Lanka effectively in order to bridge deficits and empower homegrown brands to expand globally, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Promising to be a rallying call for innovation, collaboration and progress within Sri Lanka’s marketing community, SLIM Brand Dialog Week 2024 invites you to be ready for ‘What is Yet to Come’, from the 13th to the 15thof March 2024, 6.00 PM onwards – at Waters Edge. Call or WhatsApp Sachini on 074 374 8868to learn more or reserve your spots.

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