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“SL’s energy crisis can be solved with solar power”

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Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said yesterday that the main challenge before the country in the face of the energy crisis is to convert solar power into electrical power and if that challenge is overcome, there is no need to lay thousands of power transmission lines and spend billions of money to provide electricity to the settlements.

“We must also use modern technology when building settlements,” he added.

Prime Minister Gunawardena said this while addressing the national World Habitat Day celebrations held yesterday at the Auditorium located in Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla organized by the Urban Development and Housing Ministry.

“The whole world is constantly trying to acquire basic human rights in society. For that, agreements are reached between countries, nations, and organizations regarding certain important matters. Long ago, the United Nations recognized food, shelter and clothing as basic human rights in society. We are still moving towards that goal. Our country has been making great efforts for a long time to achieve these goals and has shown its results,” the Prime Minister said.

“Subject Minister Prasanna Ranatunga is constantly striving to achieve the goals of World Habitat Day. Gratefully recalling the efforts made by him by presenting proposals, holding the discussion and getting foreign aid to succeed in this endeavour.”

“In addition to basic needs, every country in the world accepts education, health and environment as other important issues in today’s era. The need for a suitable environment for living, educational facilities and health are included in a settlement.”

“Former Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa suggested that a separate programme and a separate day should be allocated for those living in slums. He presented it to the UN Conference and the United Nations had to accept the proposal. After that, our former State leaders were able to further advance the agenda.”

“During the period of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, millions of houses have been given to the low income earners of our country,” the Premier said.

“Our territory is not increasing and also the urban area should be properly managed. If not, we will face more problems in the future. It is believed there will be further discussions regarding the actions that can support the people’s lives, safety, and development in this World Habitat Day Celebrations.”

“Today our challenges have changed. There is no need to lay thousands of power transmission lines anymore. There is no need to spend millions and billions to provide electricity to a settlement. The challenge we face today is converting solar energy into electricity. So we have to think of a new system. New technology should be introduced in an environmentally friendly manner. The United Nations is ready to support us for that,” the Prime Minister said.

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