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SLTB buses, container trucks least involved in fatal accidents – Police

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According to the latest statistical data regarding traffic accidents from the Police Department among all vehicle categories involved in fatal accidents in 2023, the least number of fatal accidents have happened related to Sri Lanka Transport Board buses and container trucks. According to statistics 2,557 deaths from 2,200 fatal traffic accidents have occurred in the country in 2023.

Police Media Spokesman, DIG Nihal Thalduwa states in the year 2022, 2,515 deaths have occurred from 2,395 fatal accidents and in 2021, 2,513 deaths have occurred from 2,414 fatal accidents.

The number of fatal road accidents in 2020 is 2242 and the number of deaths is 2829. In 2019, there had been 2641 fatal accidents and 3,097 deaths. DIG Nihal Thalduwa said that 219 people died in 221 road accidents involving bicycles. He also said the statistics show that the probability of death from bicycle accidents is high. Thalduwa also said that the most number of people killed in road accidents in 2023 are pedestrians (740). Also 707 motorcyclists had been killed from accidents in 2023.

Thalduwa also says that SLTB buses and containers have the least connection to fatal accidents in 2023. The number of fatal accidents involving SLTB buses is 75 and the number of container vehicles is 14.

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