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Sri Lanka Embassy team cricket champions

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The invitation of the esteemed ambassador was accepted by numerous diplomats who, accompanied by their families, enjoyed the social get-together in the great outdoors in fine weather.

The tournament took place at De la Salle Sports Center in the 21st district and was a great event for the youngest, for fans of cricket and for those who enjoyed personal contact with people after the pandemic.

The winner of the tournament was the team from the host’s embassy – Sri Lanka, but the teams from the embassies of Pakistan, India, South Africa, Bangladesh and Australia also showed a lot of sporting spirit.

After the official part of the competition there was a “fun game” in which members of the diplomatic corps and their family members could try their hand at this little known sport in continental Europe.

The sporting event was followed by the culinary part, which offered visitors a wide range of specialties from Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa.

Some of the participants from Pakistan, India, South Africa, Bangladesh and Australia Embassies.

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