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Sri Lanka win two silvers and a bronze

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South Asian Cross Country Championship
Sri Lankan medal winners (from left) R.N S Pushpakumara, Madhumali Perera and Jaliya Sangeeth Madushan

Sri Lanka won two silver medals and a bronze at the South Asian Cross Country Championship held in Indira Gandhi Stadium, Kohima in India on Saturday.

This was the biggest sporting event in the history of Nagaland, India. The South Asian Cross Country Championships (SACCC) and the 56th National Cross Country Championships (NCCC) were participated by five South Asian nations namely, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Athletes competed this event and a total of 34 states; Union Territories (UTs) took part in the competition.

SAAF Cross Country race included Men’s (10km), Women’s (10km), Under 20- boys (8km) and Under 20-girls (6km) where 12-member Sri Lanka team participated in events.

Sri Lanka’s R.N.S Pushpakumara was placed second at the men’s 10km race to earn the silver while Jaliya Sangeeth Madushan won the silver medal in men’s under 20 8km race. In addition Sri Lanka’s Madhumali Perera was placed third at the women’s 10km race.

Team India was ranked first in the 10KM men’s and women’s categories and 8KM boys and girls categories at this second South Asia Cross country Championship (SACCC). Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh were ranked 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively in the 10km men’s and women’s events.

SAAF Championships: (results)

Men’s (10 km): 1. Darshan Singh (Ind) 31:08s; 2. R.N.S. Pushpakumara (SL) 33:12; 3. Pal Mukesh Bahadur (Nep) 34:08.

Men’s U-20 (8 km): 1. Akash Patel (Ind) 25:58; 2. K.M.J.D. Madushan (SL) 29:24; 3. Karki Badal (Nep) 29:20.

Women’s (10 km): 1. Varsha Devi (Ind) 37:14s; 2. Pachchai Rajpura (Nep) 38:48; 3. M.S.P. Madhumali Perera (SL) 39:38.s

Women’s U-20 (6 km): 1. Asha Kiran Barla (Ind) 22:47; 2. Budha Ram Maya (Nep) 23:36; 3. Rinky Biswas (Bangla) 24:03.

Monday, March 28, 2022 – 01:00

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