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Sri Lanka’s Spectacular Participation at the Renowned Carnival of Venice 2024

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Sri Lanka proudly marked its place in history with a mesmerizing showcase of culture, tradition and artistry at the prestigious Carnival of Venice 2024. Renowned for its rich history, elaborate costumes and vibrant masquerade balls, the Carnival of Venice has evolved into one of the world’s most iconic celebrations, attracting visitors from across the globe. The Carnival traces its origins to the Middle Ages, existing for several centuries until it was abolished in 1797. The tradition was revived in 1979 and the modern event now attracts approximately 3 million visitors annually, according to the verified sources.

Sri Lankan Cultural Academies of Performing Arts representing the expat community in the Northern Italy, namely, Dance Sri Lanka Narthana Nikethanaya of Milan, Subash Niroshan Dance Academy of Milan, Nadee Dance Studio of Venice and St. Joseph International School of Milan took centre stage to a packed audience at the Venice Carnival at renowned Piazza San Marco on 11 February 2024. Against the backdrop of Venice’s picturesque canals and historic landmarks, Sri Lanka’s participation was nothing short of spectacular, drawing admiration and acclaim from attendees and media alike.

Welcoming Sri Lanka, featuring for the first time in the history of the Carnival of Venice, the Director of Vela S.P.A., the accredited company of the Municipality of the City of Venice for the Carnival, Piero Rosa Salva stated “we affectionately greet the arrival of these beautiful masks which are part of a centuries-old tradition”. He further stated that Carnival is a wonderful expression of the cultural forms that characterize our territories and that they are happy to host these different artistic forms on the stage of the Piazza San Marco. Salva further appreciated the initiative promoted by the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Milan for their efforts in bringing the rich heritage of Sri Lanka to the forefront of the Venice Carnival.

Consul General Dilani Weerakoon expressed her profound pride and gratitude for the organizers and attendees for their warm reception of Sri Lanka on stage of one of the world’s most illustrious festivals. “We are delighted to have shared the beauty and diversity of Sri Lankan heritage with the world and we extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers for this invaluable opportunity”, she stated and further promised Sri Lanka’s continued presence at the Venice Carnival.

The Carnival of Venice 2024 was dedicated to commemorate the 700th death anniversary of famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo who visited Sri Lanka in the 13th century and recorded in his chronicles that Sri Lanka is the most beautiful island of its size. This year, with its presence in the Carnival, Marco Polo’s most favourite island- Sri Lanka, captivated audiences from around the globe with an unforgettable display of traditional dances, music, masks and mesmerizing costumes. It has been recorded that 166 different nationalities were present in Venice during the Carnival this year, relative majority of French 15.9%, followed by the British 11.8%, Spaniards 10.4%, Germans 9.7% and Americans 6.3%.

The highlight of Sri Lanka’s presence at the Carnival of Venice was a series of captivating performances featuring traditional dances, mesmerizing music and elaborate costumes adorned with intricate masks, both traditional and modern.

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