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Suspicious complaint of Rs. 2.5 Mn theft in Gokarella

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Gokarella Police have commenced an extensive investigation regarding a suspicious complaint that Rs. 2.5 million belonging to the Karandagolla Ekasath Maranaadhaara Samithiya (United Death Relief Society). This money had been kept to buy a land.

According to the complaint made by the president of the society to the Gokarella Police this theft had taken place at about 3.30 am day before yesterday (25). Rs.3 million which had been reserved for buying a land, had been in the possession of the president, for a few days. Police said that he is the Regional Manager of the Samurdhi Bank, Gokarella.

He had told the police that he had opened the front door of the house at about 3.30 am due to a call of nature and gone into the garden, when two persons had arrived on a motorcycle, threatened him with death, taken the Rs. 2.5 million that was in his wardrobe and fled. He had mentioned that it was money that had been put aside for buying a land for the society that had been stolen. He had said that he had kept Rs. 3 million in his possession, to buy the land for the society and that he had hidden Rs.500,000 under his mattress and as a result had been able to save it from the robbers. Police said that this complaint was unusual. The police said they are unaware of the robbers breaking into the house or even opening the wardrobe and that it had been inside the bedroom.

A senior police officer said that investigations are being carried out to find whether the complaint is true or not.

Monday, March 27, 2023 – 01:09

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