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Teachers must desist from taking to roads again – Minister

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He was speaking at a news briefing held at the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) headquarters yesterday.

“When the country is in the process of returning to the new normal under the President’s Covid-19 Prevention Programme, the public should act with caution since teachers are being encouraged to take to the streets putting both the country and its people in jeopardy,” he remarked.

“There is news that teachers are preparing to commence a protest campaign. We regret the fact that during the past, when the Coronavirus pandemic was at a low level, teachers’ unions got together and took to the streets and began protesting disregarding health rules and regulations. As a result, the number of Coronavirus infected patients and deaths increased.

We are in the forefront of vaccinations now. Currently, the number of Coronavirus infections and deaths are decreasing.

“The people should be alert at a moment like this regarding what Trade Unionists Joseph Stalin, Mahinda Jayasinghe and others are going to do while taking to the streets,” he commented.

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