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Teachers should not be intimidated – CTU

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President of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union Mahinda Jayasinghe yesterday said teachers and principals are ready to resume academic activities   in Government schools as usual if the Government stops exerting force on teachers and principals through politicians.

“The Government is threatening us to resume academic activities by deploying politicians at various areas,” he said. Jayasinghe said that teachers are ready to commence academic activities in Government schools if the Government stops intimidating teachers and if one third of their salary anomalies are settled in one go.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo, he said that the teachers and principals will show their readiness to resume academic activities on October 25. “We are ready to teach students in all grades, if the Government can bring the children to schools,” he said. He added that teachers are committed to teach students in grades 05, 11 and Advanced Level classes, if the Government can bring the children to the schools.

Jayasinghe added that teachers have never been reluctant to teach the children. “We are even ready to commence online classes if the children cannot be brought to the schools provided that all teachers and principals are given devices and a data package,” he said.

He added that 60 per cent of schoolchildren in the country don’t have online facilities. “They need to be given the online facility first.”

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