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Tell the country of the alternative to IMF funding – UNP

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United National Party (UNP) Chairman Vajira Abeywardena said that if the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not being approached, the government should reveal the alternative to solving economic challenges the country is facing at present.

He said the government waiting without looking for solutions for the present situation in the country, would result in the people and the country being pushed towards great devastation.

Abeywardena met UNP activists in the Galle District regarding the present situation in the country and future action to be taken by the UNP.

He said subsequent to the Corona pandemic, many countries of the world took steps to strengthen their economies. Similarly, they set up new laws and acted to overcome challenges. However, unfortunately, the government of our country did not follow any such measures.

“Due to the lack of foreign exchange reserves the crisis in the country is increasing daily. Cost of living has gone up so much that people are unable to bear it. This government does not have programme to control the increase in prices of essential food items and other goods and to provide relief to the people,” he said.

The country is getting pushed into the 1970-1977 era once again. Similar to then there is a severe shortage of goods. There is no sugar, no milk powder, no cement, and queues are forming everywhere. At that time, people who stood in queues were able to obtain at least a part of the quantity of required goods. But today, many people have to return home empty-handed. Due to the collapse in the economy, many low-quality goods are making their way into the country. Due to the low-quality gas, there is fear of death in every house.

As a result, of the lack of chemical fertilizers, farmers have become utterly destitute. Agriculture has been pushed towards complete destruction. As of today, cultivations of Cinnamon, Tea, Coconut etc., have been destroyed.

Prior to 1977, the main source of income in Sri Lanka was tea, rubber and coconut. Instead, based on a new concept, garment factories were set up. At the same time tourism was developed.

The tea industry of this country brought in an annual income of US Dollars 300 million.

However, due to the actions of this government, by next year it is possible that income will fall to Dollars 150 million. It has to be mentioned that it is a serious tragedy.

Changing the internal textile factories method which existed prior to the year 1977, garment factories of the world were set up in Sri Lanka so that it will be possible to move forward competitively with the world. We brought in garment factories, not to maintain them forever within the country. We planned to move on to the next step from garment factories. In Korea, garment factories initially contributed to national production. But later they started building ships and aircraft as well as machinery. They sold them to countries around the world.Neverthless, the obstacle for Sri Lanka to reach that level, is that after 1994, very serious incorrect procedures were followed.

The people have to change that during the next election.

Ranil Wickremesinghe always attempted to bring this country to the level of other developed countries of the world. World state leaders placed trust in him. The only leader who will be able to rescue the country from the crisis it is facing and who has the capability, experience and talent is Ranil Wickremesinghe. What all of us should do is to provide the opportunity for him to do that.

Saturday, January 1, 2022 – 01:01

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