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Tendency for local investors to shift overseas – Eran

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SJB MP Eran Wickremaratne said there is a tendency for local investors to shift their investments to other countries due to the current economic situation in Sri Lanka.

Addressing a media briefing held at the Economic Policy Centre at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition in Colombo he said that instead of the influx of foreign investors, it was unfortunate that Sri Lankan investors engaged in tourism sector have now shifted their investments to the Maldives as the country did not see any improvement in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“There is no response from the responsible parties of the government to the present economic crises,” he said.

Wickremaratne stressed that the government should give priority to meeting the needs of the people even by delaying or restructuring the debt-repayment in order to rebuild the country, which was in crisis due to government giving prominence to settle the ISBs which is reported to have been purchased by its cronies in the secondary market aimed at 100 percent profit.

Thursday, March 3, 2022 – 01:06

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