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Tharindu Dilshan fine athlete and volleyball player

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There was not much of sports activities at this school but any how when he was in grade four in 2011 the school organized an inter house sports meet and he took part for the same in the under 9 age group and in the relay event his team came second and in the following year too at the same event too his team was the runner up.

Tharindu Dilshan fine athlete and volleyball playerBut there was no sports meets from 2013 to 2015 and at the 2016 sports meets he did high jump and long jump in the under 15 age group and came second in both these events but he did not compete at the Divisional meet.

He was drafted to Vijayaba Vidyalaya Hungama in 2017 and same year his parents Pathagamage Dayarathne and A.P.Pradeepa handed over their son to the school volleyball Coach and Master in Charge Tharaka Ratnaweera and he was selected to the school team and Zonal, Divisional and Provincial they came first and in the 2018 DSI tournament in the under 16 age group they came second In the same year participating for the Inter schools all island tournament they came third and in the following year participated for the DSI tournament and they came third and at the 2020 Dialog open tournament they were runner up.

In addition he represented Sakura Volleyball Club and participated in the Singha Saman Volleyball open Tournament 2019 and they came second and playing in the Rantharu Satana open tournament they emerged runner up.

In the meantime once again he took part in the 2018 and 2019 athletic meets and came second in putt shot. His athletic coach is M. Rajith. Their Principal J.V.P. Karunaratne is supporting volleyball at all times.

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