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  • We stand united and support The President to overcome the current economic crisis.
  • Boundless and clear-cut voice to support The President is crucial for the development of the country.
  • Educational development through higher education would fetch better foreign employment and thereby, foreign exchange income.

The Northeast Private College’s Association welcomes all the Sri Lankan citizens to extend their fullest support to The President for the development of the country from the current economic crisis. Being an educational association, The Northeast Private College’s Association advocates the idea of developing educational standards commensurate with international education in selected sectors to promote foreign job employment and thereby enhance foreign currency income to Sri Lanka.

Health Sector is one of the chosen options at this point of the post-pandemic era, where our fellow Sri Lankan can be trained for better Healthcare services. There are plenty of healthcare opportunities around the world, especially in Elderly Caregiving, Physiotherapy, and other Allied Health Sciences. Development and focus on higher education in these healthcare sectors would be the right track to fetch better income from external sources.

Our President His excellency Ranil wickremesinghe, a man with supreme education, knowledge, and a good international relationship would bring about a better outcome if he has been given the freedom to think and execute the steps to be taken. Our President should be given time to think and execute the ways to solve the current crisis as he is capable of doing so.

Hence, The Northeast Private College’s Association extends its fullest support to our President to act on the current situation and believes that with all his capacities, Our President is a choice of reformation and reinstallation of the country to its best value as before. We, the citizen of Sri Lanka, would take this opportunity to unite and stand alongside our President to find ways to promote Sri Lanka in the international arena and regain our values and morals. We trust in our President and support him in flourishing our country back to our original status quo.

Eng: ULM. Anas
Royal Technological Campus

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 – 20:00

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