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Three who hoodwinked a monk arrested in Mahawa

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Three members of an organized group were arrested on Tuesday by the Mawathagama police for selling lotus flowers made of brass to young monks claiming to be gold lotuses obtained from a treasure.

During a search conducted by a team of police offers of the Mawathagama police, on Tuesday, subsequent to seeing several people including a monk engaged in a suspicious activity in a deserted place in Mahawa, they had carried out an investigation.

There had been a van and a three-wheeler parked at this place. When the persons gathered there had seen the police officers, they had begun to leave. The police had prevented them from leaving and carried out an investigation.

Police officers who saw a person carrying a gold colour lotus embedded with blue gems and one million rupees in cash had been wary and brought them to the police station and begun questioning them. Then, it had been revealed that the group of persons had been trying to sell the gold colour lotus to the young monk who had been there.

This group had been ready to sell this lotus saying it was made of gold and obtained from a treasure trove. Prior to the deal, a small piece of a petal of the lotus had been broken off and taken to a place selling gold, to be checked. There it had been confirmed that the tiny piece of metal from the lotus which was checked had been made of gold.

When questioned it was revealed that the lotus was made out of brass and the embedded so-called gems were just pieces of plastic. The police discovered that the piece broken from a petal of the lotus taken for checking had actually been gold.

Had the police officers of the Mawathagama police not been suspicious of this group, the monk would have purchased the brass lotus for one million rupees and taken it away, the police said.

They also said that the suspects had already accepted the money from the young monk and had the police officers been delayed by two or three minutes the monk would have lost the cash he paid.

Accordingly, three individuals connected to this fraud together with the three-wheeler they had arrived in were taken into custody by the police. They were residents of Naula, Konagahawela, Ibbagamuwa and Galkiriyagama. Police said that among the three suspects aged 35, 46 and 49 was a person posing as a devil charmer. Investigations have revealed that he is engaging in these transactions under false pretenses.

Thursday, December 1, 2022 – 01:11

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