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Tristen releases original song

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Tristen first started showing an interest in music at the age of 12 years. Constant research and practice helped him to hone his skills where music has now become one of his greatest passions. You are sure to find him always with a guitar in his hand, strumming chords while he composes a new song.

His goal is to convey love and style through music and to inspire others who have the passion to go for their dreams, no matter what. His ultimate goal would be to perform in a large arena to crowds who would love music as much as he does.

He would love to play alongside many artistes in the future, both local and international. However his dream would be to play alongside Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day as he believes that he is the root inspiration for his love of music.

Speaking about his new original, “I’ve been there” Tristen is really excited to release it at this point in time. The thought process behind this original is based on the phrase “I’ve been there’ often said if your friend or loved one experiences something in their life that they are worried about and you have faced it before. It is to show assurance that they shouldn’t worry and that you have been through it as well. It comes with a message to anyone who is currently going through a bad patch, that it is not going to last forever and that the silver lining is close by.

He is thankful to God for blessing him with the love and talent for music and the opportunity to share it with people. He believes that his biggest supporters are his parents, his grandparents and his siblings. He feels extremely grateful for all that they have done in terms of constant support and encouragement, especially at all his performances. Tristen would also like to give special mention to his sister, Tia for helping him practice and continuously improve. He also sends a huge thank you to his family and friends for their love and support and for being behind him to continue on this path.

Tristen’s original track can be viewed on YouTube at Tristen JG Music, and will also be available on Spotify and Apple Music from the 24th of July 2021. For more information connect with his Instagram @tristenjg or Facebook @tristenjgmusic

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